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ALG weighs in on news article regarding Workers' Compensation

ALG quoted in news article on Workers’ Compensation


alg_brownAccident Law Group co-founding partner Joseph L Brown quoted in an article about Workers’ Compensation, insurance policies, and biking to work:


If an employee is injured while traveling between offices, they might be able to make a claim, says attorney Joseph Brown, cofounder of the Accident Law Group (@Accident_Law_AZ).

Furthermore, they would likely be able to make a claim against the person who caused the accident. “A person can collect from both Workers’ Comp and receive a settlement from the person responsible,” Brown notes. “However, they must pay Workers’ Comp back from the settlement.”

The exception to that rule? Brown says, “If the person who causes the accident doesn’t have insurance, the injured party can collect both Workers’ Comp benefits and an uninsured motorist settlement without paying Workers’ Comp back.”


Read the full article here: News Article Featuring Joseph L Brown of the Accident Law Group

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