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Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is an American past time enjoyed by children and adults alike.  It is an excellent form of exercise, a green alternative during your work commute, or an enjoyable way to cruise through the city.  We all will always remember the thrill of learning how to ride a bike.
Unfortunately, many drivers do not take care to share the road with bicyclists. Often, bicyclists are struck when crossing in a crosswalk, and the insurance company immediately begins blaming the bicyclist.  Insurance companies often argue lack of reflective gear, safety gear, or even that the car was bigger than your bike and you should have been watching out better!  
Although Arizona has some regulations on riding a bicycle, by no means should any injured victim believe the entire accident and resulting injury was their fault. Insurance companies often use such tricks to delay or permanently derail an injured victim from pursuing a case. Protect yourself by doing two things. First, read the list of the Arizona laws on bicyclists found at, where ARS 28-811 – 818, specifically breakdown a bicyclist’s responsibilities. Second, call The Accident Law Group immediately to discuss your options with an experienced attorney.
Under no circumstances should you allow an insurance company to make you feel like it was your fault after being struck. The insurance company will immediately begin collecting evidence against you, often demanding a recorded statement from you. There, they ask leading questions, attempting to shift the blame and minimize your injuries. Before falling victim to the insurance company, protect yourself by speaking with an experience accident attorney here at The Accident Law Group. Our attorneys have experience arguing the circumstances surrounding a bicycle injury and forcing the insurance companies to take responsibility for their distracted drivers.