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Head On Collisions

Head-on collisions are often the most severe of all car crashes, especially at a high rate of speed. The good news is the auto industry has stepped up and made substantial modifications to automobiles keeping drivers and passengers safer. The most obvious of these, the invention and utilization of air bags. In addition to airbags car builders have enabled cars to absorb the forces of severe impacts with crumple zone technology. The front of cars are now designed to take much of the force from the other car and distribute it throughout the vehicle’s body instead of directly to the passengers. Even the engine is designed to break free of the car and slide under the passenger compartment. These interventions have all aided in making head-on collisions safer.
Head-on crashes occur more often in rural areas, and result in about 13% of all rural fatal crashes.  In fact 75% of head-on crashes occur on rural roads, most often on undivided roads. (  The large majority of Arizona is rural. We have years of experience handling these severe accidents, even the most unfortunate of all head-on collisions, fatalities. You want a law firm who understands how severe and life changing these types of crashes are. We know how to prepare and fight for your case against the big insurance companies.
Head-on collisions may seem to be clear cut, but they are not. Insurance companies still fight these cases. They will often try to argue liability on the grounds of “improper lookout”.  This is an insurance theory that if you, the driver, were more aware of your surroundings you could have done something better to have prevented the accident. This is a great argument for the insurance company. If they can show that you “could have” done something better they can put partial blame on you (comparative negligence). If successful in shifting even part of the liability to you, they will reduce the amount that is rightfully owed to you by thousands of dollars!! You need a The Accident Law Group we know how to fight this theory and use science to demonstrate that accidents often only allow fractions of seconds for drivers to attempt to avoid a crash. Clearly not enough time to make any type of significant evasive action! Don’t let the Insurance Company take your money with bogus theories!!