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Highway Accidents

Anyone who has driven on our metropolitan Phoenix highways knows how traffic can change from 60 mph down to zero in the blink of an eye. Often distracted drivers have not left enough space between cars to accommodate these quick speed changes, or they try to merge into another lane without proper notice, causing a collision. Due to higher speed limits, highway car accidents can often be some of the most severe.  The Accident Law Group regularly helps those injured in highway car accidents and knows how to handle your case.

One common type of highway car accident is when the other car merges into your lane, causing a side impact or “side-swipe”. This is a difficult case from the beginning with many avenues of attack for the insurance company to deny your claim unless you have the proper help from an experienced attorney.  

The insurance company can and will attack liability – trying to hide their fault by claiming you were the one merging. Your chances of winning against this argument by yourself are slim. Without an experienced car accident lawyer to provide an in depth investigation and fight this allegation from the beginning, the insurance company will deny your claim and build their case against you quickly.

The insurance company will also attack causation – that the impact could not have caused your injuries.  Although sideswipes often lead to significant car damage, the insurance company will argue that the actual impact was not sufficient to cause injury. If you wait to hire an attorney and instead give the insurance company enough time, they will often win this argument and succeed in paying little to nothing on your injury claim. That is why you need an experienced attorney to argue the impact and prove your injury was related to this car accident.

Insurance companies make money by denying claims or paying pennies on the dollar. Highway sideswipe car accidents are cases insurance companies love to fight. The experienced car accident attorneys at the Accident Law Group fight this battle every day. We eat, sleep, and breathe your accident case.  Accident is in our name because they are all we do.  Call today for your free consultation, so we can determine which obstacles are in front of you and strategize your path to success.