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Insurance Claims

The law imposes strict time limits on how long you have to pursue your insurance claim. In Arizona, while most motor vehicle accidents have a two-year time limit, some are as short at six months before you have to file with the court. In other cases, such as children, the timer does not start until the child turns eighteen. In essence, time limits are a complex pattern of deadlines yet in all cases are a strict bright line cut off point.  Thus, it is important to hire the Accident Law Group as early as possible so we can diagnose which timeline applies to your claim as well as to give ALG enough time to actively investigate, build, and resolve your case.

To make matters more complicated, different types of claims and cases have varying time limits. In Arizona, a dog attack victim only has one year to resolve or file with the court before the time limit expires.  A Worker’s Compensation timeline is one year, but with proper documentation, can extend to a second. On the other hand, if you have an underinsured motorist claim in Arizona, you a timeline of have three years. As you can see, the timing of an insurance claim is not simple and should not be left up to chance or assumptions.  Contact the Accident Law Group today to find out more about which timeline applies to your accident case. At the Accident Law Group, we put accident in our name because accidents are all we do.  Let us help you on your accident case.