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Rear End Accidents

One of the most common types of car accidents is when someone fails to control their vehicle and hits the rear of your car. This often happens when you are either slowing in traffic, or at a complete stop. When struck from the rear, the impact naturally causes your neck and head to move forward, often hyperextending the cervical vertebrae in your neck. This hyperextension can cause damage to your shoulders and tension headaches. This type of injury often requires months of medical attention to return you to a normal range of motion.
Often, people do not seek appropriate medical attention because they are intimidated by medical bills piling up. If someone has rear ended you, please call The Accident Law Group immediately. Our experienced attorneys will advise you of your legal rights and most importantly we have the ability to get you medical treatment on a lien. This means you will not have any out of pocket costs or upfront costs to you while you seek treatment.  
Sometimes, the force of the impact will push you into the car in front of you. Often people wonder whether they will be to blame for the second impact. On occasion, the insurance company will actually attempt to blame you for this second impact, even if you were at a complete stop! To protect your rights, you should call The Accident Law Group immediately, so we may begin arguing your case before it is too late. Do not quietly accept blame for something you did not cause. Call us immediately to meet with an experienced car accident attorney and review your options before it is too late.