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Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can easily result in a variety of injuries from concussions and brain trauma, to broken bones, and even amputations. In all cases but especially in rollover accidents, the attorneys at the Accident Law Group are concerned about making sure your injuries are accurately diagnosed and your medical needs are met. The lawyers at the Accident Law Group have handled rollover accidents that quickly reach six figure valuations.  Insurance companies try to pick apart these serious injuries from the moment of the accident, so attention to every detail is extremely important and getting the Accident Law Group involved as early as possible is best.  

Newer vehicles are not immune to rolling over and a number of factors may cause a vehicle to roll. First and foremost is a higher center of gravity.  It is common knowledge these days that SUV’s tend to roll.  Speed also plays a roll, especially when the driver speeds around a corner too quickly. Trailers can cause a rollover when improperly loaded and unbalanced.  Finally, road conditions are a factor to look into as rain, snow, or ice change tire grip.  

Rollover accidents are not something to try to handle without a professional. Get the Accident Law Group involved as early as possible, so ALG can protect your interests.  Your job is to focus on getting better, our job is to eat, sleep, and breathe your accident case.