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Semi-Truck Accidents

Joseph Brown (one of the founders of The Accident Law Group) comes from a family of truckers.  He has several uncles who have or are still Semi Truck owner operators. We feel like this gives us better insight into the driver and what he or she may have done wrong to cause the accident. When you have been injured by a person working for a business or driving a Semi-Truck your injury case has special obstacles. You want to hire a firm that has experience and is not afraid to going against the big business and their team of lawyers.
One of the biggest obstacles is also a benefit, large policy limits. A policy limit is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay for any one loss to the injured party. Often times large business have a retention. This means the business has to pay the first $X amount out of their own pocket before the insurance starts to cover or pay. We have handle cases against semi-trucks with retentions as large as $500,000. Large businesses may not even have a policy limit, this is because the Company is self-insured (they pay for all losses out of their profits).  This would be typical of a company like Wal-Mart. Needless to say when a company is paying out of their profits or business accounts they will fight even harder. They have shareholders or/owners to answer to, so expect a battle. We have experience fighting and winning these battles!
Semi-Truck cases have a whole another level of difficulty. Often times the Semi-truck company hire an attorney to represent their interests within hours.  It is not even uncommon for their attorneys to show up to the accident scene and get involved in the investigation. In addition, the trucks are frequently equipped with “black boxes” which record a tremendous amounts of data right before and during an accident. The data recorders are rarely shared prior to litigation, and this information can be very valuable to prove liability against the truck driver. We are familiar with these issues and know how to fight the Big Businesses to get you the recovery you deserve! Call The Accident Law Group now.