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Any type of injury that is permanent is always difficult to deal with, however scars maybe some of the most difficult for a client to recover from. This is especially true with the significant emotional affect scars have. The attorneys at The Accident Law Group have experience documenting these life changing injuries. It is not good enough to just take a picture or two of a scar, you must also document the emotional effect it has had and continues to have on the client.

Scars are frequently very difficult to get the insurance company to give an appropriate offer. The Insurance adjuster is not emotionally tied to the case or the client, they only see the client as a number. A good attorney knows how to make the client a person to the adjuster. Understanding the additional documentation that you will need to help elevate the value of the case is where quality representation will make the difference. The Accident Law Group always meets with you face to face so we understand you and your injuries.  It is the inter-personal interactions that often provide us with a special insight into your car accident and the effect on your life.  

A scar can change over time, often fading or changing color. If the scar will not heal on its own then there may be some plastic surgery techniques which may help eliminated or make the scar less prominent.  These techniques can be invasive and require multiple surgeries or they can be less invasive with the use of lasers and/or ointments/creams. At The Accident Law Group we have the ability to refer you to the specialist who can will help create a treatment plan to eliminate or lessen the distinction of your injury.