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The ALG Guarantee


At The Accident Law Group, we offer a guarantee to our client’s.  

A large number of injury victims are afraid to hire a lawyer for their car accident.  These individuals typically have 1 of 2 concerns if not both.  

  • Attorneys Cost too much money and I can’t afford one!
    1. The personal injury client is afraid they are going to have to pay the attorney up front (a retainer).  We end that fear!  The Accident Law Group works on a contingency basis.  What does that mean?  Put simply we don’t get paid until the case settles.  WE WAIT TO GET PAID!!


  • The Attorney is going to take all the money and leave me nothing!
    1. There is a perception that the lawyer and doctors are going to take all the settlement money.  Unfortunately, this may be true of many attorneys in the Phoenix area!!  Thus the personal injury client is left with little or nothing for their lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical bills.  Unlike any other law firm in the Phoenix area we eliminate this concern.  The ALG Guarantee promises our injury client’s the Accident Law Group’s FEES* will never be greater than the portion the client takes home from the settlement!!!  In addition, if we don’t collect you owe us nothing!!  So there is no risk at all to you!!!

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